There has been much talk of late regarding Constitutional Recognition. While I can see the positive arguments in Recognition, I cannot bring myself to have any faith what so ever in this act. I view this as merely another government smoke screen to hide their responsibilities to the real issues that 226 year of colonalisation have left Our Peoples with.

When somebody either from a government body or an individual who believes in Recognition, can show me how recognizing us in the Australian constitution will stop the continued atrocities committed against us, I may just have second thoughts about this issue.

As it stands now, I have thought long and hard about it and am totally against it. Will recognition be the cure for colonialism. NO. We still have the highest infant mortality rate outside of war torn zones on the planet. We have the second highest (behind African Americans) imprisonment rate in the world. As a matter of fact our imprisonment rate is higher now than the last ten years of apartheid in South Africa.

We still have many communities living in 3rd world conditions and for a country as rich as Australia, that is an international disgrace. We have the NT Intervention, bought in by pure lies by the Howard government and extended by 10 years by the Rudd/Gillard government. This in itself shows we have no friends on either side of the political spectrum. To introduce the NT Intervention, the racial discrimination act had to be suspended, an illegal act in itself.

Since the Howard regime, we have had a 400% increase in Our Children being stolen. They are now being stolen at a greater rate than any other time in history, making a farce of the Rudd apology. As well since the Intervention, our suicide rates have increased by an alarming 500%. This is a critical figure. The truth of the Intervention is that it is the biggest land grab since 1788. After all the deaths, the children stolen and many other  People imprisoned, there will be barely any people left on the lands the mining companies want. Our governments are merely acting as agents for these corporations.

The above are merely a few of the problems that have been fostered upon us as a Peoples and I for one think we are now being attacked by federal and state governments. I have long held the view that these acts are genocide via government policy and nothing the governments have done gives me cause to change my mind.

No to Recognition. YES YES YES to self determination and governments for once taking positive steps into rectifying decades upon decades of governmental neglect. The mere fact of losing $534 million in the last budget is proof of that. Combined with this insult is that it took Shorten and Labor 4 weeks to respond, reducing us to an after thought.

As I have stated, I am of the opinion Recognition is a mere smokescreen. Total government inaction is the real agenda.

Ken Canning (Burraga Gutya).


7 thoughts on “Recognition.

  1. Terry Hoskin

    Thanks Ken your a statesman for a good cause and I support you in your endevour to get a fair go for our people I look forward to your next action good luck with your blog if you’re not vocal you’re not heard I hear you loud and clear

  2. Lisa De Luca

    Excellent piece of writing Ken and I support you in everything you say. Thank you for everything you do. Keep fighting the good fight.

  3. stephen porter

    I dont trust the recognition movement either. I most certainatlly dont beleive that any current state or federal party has the guts it takes to change things for the better for our people. We must continue the fight for our rights.

    • I think they are working together to ensure we are removed from Lands that the mining companies want. As well neither side of politics have the ability to solve the issues we are facing. I would like to able to access overseas aid and leave government bodies out of the equations. Thank you Brother for your comments.

      • So right Stephen, they haven’t the courage and more fright
        ening is that they just don’t know. I reckon we should try and get overseas bodies involved with overseas aid and cut the federal and state governments out of the equation once and for all.

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