END TIMES. 25/09/14.

YOU, the colonial monster,
have de-humanized me
for two centuries and more.
GUILTY guilty guilty.
Your barbaric crimes
so horrific, so calculated
your demise is the only answer.
You the colonial terrorist,
We, the First Peoples
are coming for our justice.
My words will leap from
every page that I
have ever written
and attack, yes attack.
Words of centuries of
anger and forced silence,
will wrap around you
in a rage of revenge.
Words penetrating
your feeble brains,
casting you into madness.
My words, of the oppressed
strangling you until
you beg for forgiveness.
Too late, your crimes
too brutal.
Revenge time is near.
Words hurtling off pages,
engulfing you
hanging you, head dangling
until the last drop of evil
colonial blood is bled out.
Only then can there be
Beware the remaining
neanderthal colonialists
my words are sharp
my aim true.
Your time of judgement,
is upon you.
(C.) Burraga Gutya/Ken Canning.

Lay down at night,
with your hearts
of stone.
You born of
Mother Earth
from a culture
as old as time,
have chosen the path
of the newcomers,
the boat people of 1788.
How proud you stand
amongst your
colonial friends
in their lodges
while Sisters, Brothers,
Young and Old, die
from the disease
that is government.
Despite this you walk
with the devil
mimic him in style
and language.
You have lost your
place with us,
the proud Aboriginal Peoples
of this ancient Land.
You the traitor,
have been rolled
in the white man’s flour
and baked into his
of how he wants you.
A slave to him
and an enemy
to the Mother
who bore you.
(C.) Burraga Gutya/Ken Canning.

A TIME OF TELLING. 25/09/14.

In my spirit travels,
I have been to places
no person wants to be.
I have watched beheadings
before there was tv,
before terrorism was
the new catchcry.
I walked knee deep
in blood,
the blood of the innocent,
slaughtered by
the British invader.
I saw the many horrors,
seeing until my eyes burned.
I heard the agony,
children being murdered
by uniformed beasts
who laughed
at their own cowardice.
The Mother’s screams
pierced my brain,
their babies stolen
by the so called
civilized ones.
Babies brutalized
Mother’s traumatized
beyond comprehension.
These sounds embedded
in my mind,
to remain forever.
(Mental Illness).
No amount
of media hosing down
can ever cleanse,
the blood stains
of your bloody history.
No historical scholar,
Professor, PhD
or other mindless
can write away
the depths of pain
we feel.
Nor can your academic
slight of hand tricks
give you an insight
into the world
forced upon us,
by the likes of you.
Yes YOU.
For unless
you give us space
to tell the truth
of invasion,
you will be forevermore
be complicit with those
who have hidden
more than two centuries
of a violent madness
that continues today.
Stand aside you pillars
of false truths,
you academics
you deceitful politicians,
we shall heal the past,
by ensuring the present,
knows the FULL truth.
(C.) Burraga Gutya/Ken Canning.


Indigenous Advisory Council


I was very interested to read the National Indigenous Times dated Wednesday 10th of September. The front page article,  continuing inside was in regards to whether the IAC should resign or not. Many interviewed were either real leaders in Our Communities or at least at the coal face of our struggles. With the exception of one, they all agreed the IAC members should resign and in fact many questioned why they were selected in the first place. The latest point of contention is the PM’s recent references to historical matters in this country, such as “This country was not populated um sparsely populated….” and “the arrival of Arthur Philip was defining moment of this country’s history.”

What a load of colonial rubbish by Abbott and make no mistake these statements were no slip of the tongue, he believes every word of this. As many people know when the IAC was first selected by Abbott, I took out a petition to have the IAC abolished and replaced by an elected body. One of its members chose to inbox me and phone me to sing  the praises of Abbott as a man of vision. This person was critical of me branding the IAC as being not connected to grass roots Peoples. Seems I am not the only one to think that way as the NIT article shows. The fact is that NONE of these members have met with ANY community that I know of and it appears that they have no intention of doing so. I would say that this is as far from being called grass roots as you can get.

The fact remains Abbott promised to meet with the IAC on 3 or 4 occasions per year and at other times if deemed necessary. After a big first meeting, which was merely a photo shoot for Abbott, NOTHING. No more meetings with the IAC, only meetings with the man of the moment Warren “Where’s Wally” Mundine. The IAC has been left in tatters with each member barely speaking to each other and the PM flicking them out the door like last weeks dirty laundry. I have to now say, “I told you so.” The young numb skulled member who told me I had no right to put up my petition and further more stated my actions were keeping back Indigenous issues, must now be looking in the mirror and really not liking what she sees. During the harassment via FB inbox and the phone, I made it very clear to this silly young member exactly what would happen. Abbott would use you for his own purpose, then give you the flick. I was told I really did not know what I was on about. The sad part was I really thought this young woman had some intelligence as I had watched her achieve highly during her studies. Just goes to show, brains and common sense  do not always match. Nor alleged brains compensate for experience.

Back to Abbott and his outlandish statements of late re white occupation of this country. Some people have let him off kindly and said his comments were just another of his many gaffs. No, never, this man is a white supremacist and means every single word of it. This is the man that stated that he would be the PM for Indigenous Peoples. The part of this that angers me, is that I did expect Abbott to come out with such rhetoric, but when he did where was the voices in the IAC. SILENT. This is beyond contempt. You have objected at my description of you being not part of grass roots Aboriginal Peoples. I will go one step further, after your masters historical attacks on us, the whole IAC should have walked out in protest immediately. All of you should have used the media to publicly chastise him for his idiocy. You are in this position. It is not good enough to speak ever so highly of Abbott when interviewed on NITV Warren and Ms Cashman. Have either of you thought of speaking out when your master is clearly in the wrong.

Yes, I did say the IAC moved away from being grass roots by accepting such a reviled position. I will now go one step further, unless all of you walk out now and distance yourselves from this racist PM, in my opinion you lose the right to continue with your empty chants of your doing the right things by your own Peoples. To date it is on YOU who are your own peoples and accordingly are now so far removed from the Communities you come from, you may have reached the point of no return. This does not apply to W. Mundine, he has already reached the point where Community minded Peoples consider him a mere servant to his white house master Abbott. He has fixed himself by choice in that role, do the rest of you want to end up like him? Let’s hope you come to your senses and walk out on this PM immediately and start listening to what many of us told you at the beginning. Abbott’s intention was never to seek advise but merely to use all of you as a publicity stunt and you fell for it.

I have to wonder was this a two way thing, as Abbott used you as simple pawns with no power or effect, have all of you used this “selected” position on the IAC to either pad out your wallets or your CV’s.

The petition is still running. As it seems these lackey’s will not resign by their own accord, please go to website below and sign and  share it where you can.